About us

  • Founder Timo ter Voort

  • Pioneers
    The ideas behind Living Foods BV were conceived around thirty years ago thanks to pioneering work and research in the field of food and health by Mr J.S.W ter Voort sr. He produced a very comprehensive literature study into the relationship between food and health. The publications, contacts and knowledge he built up were unique and were housed in a foundation. From an early age, Ter Voort jr. was involved in the work of his father, who passed away in 2013.

    His father began by performing tests concerning the cultivation of wheatgrass for juice extraction. This juice is very rich in energy and vitamins, and bursting with nutrition. He also performed a great deal of research and a lot of tests concerning the use of sea minerals as the basis for uniform trace element fertilisation. Ter Voort jr. is continuing the work of his father. Inspired by this he underwent training in Environmental Science at the Van Hall Institute. The combination of practical experience and scientific knowledge of biological processes, natural sciences and the technical aspects of materials and processes, plus commercial skills, made Ter Voort jr an innovator, trendsetter and pioneer in the field of product development in agriculture and horticulture. He responded to a number of developments that forced agriculture and horticulture to innovate and modernise.

    IMGP5129-3Timo ter Voort, entrepreneur, pioneer and innovator.

    Timo ter Voort combines knowledge, experience and a global network with commercial skills, making him a key player. He devised the Living Foods concept and is a trendsetter and pioneer in the field of product development in agriculture and horticulture.

    See also the LinkedIn profile of Timo ter Voort

  • Vision

  • Living Foods BV believes that there are enormous inefficiencies in the way we use our most important natural resources, i.e. water, for the cultivation and growing of food. Various studies show that the damage caused by too little water is many times greater than the damage caused by excess water.
    Furthermore, health and healthy food is becoming ever more important to mankind. Due to an inappropriate focus on production methods, less and less nutritional value can be found in our current foods.
    It is not for nothing that governments and health institutes have sounded the alarm about our patterns of eating and nutrition. By the use of better cultivation methods, with the focus on the original nutritional value, Living Foods BV wants to do its bit to improve health.

  • Mission

  • Living Foods BV sees it as a social responsibility to use the techniques and knowledge available to help create cultivation methods that do less harm to the environment and deliver better, healthier products. The main priorities are the wellbeing of man and animals, and the protection of the environment. Living Foods BV uses well-founded scientific knowledge and systems that ensure efficient and nutritionally rich crops can be produced all over the world.

  • Subject areas

  • Agriculture, greenhouse cultivation, food process industry & fishery

  • Products

  • In addition to the above-mentioned solutions relating to mini-tuber cultivation, urban farming and seaweed and saline crops, Living Foods also supplies various natural products for consumers in the field of sea minerals: the unique products of Gery Anema from Australia are available exclusively from us in the Netherlands. For these go to: http://shop.livingfoods.nl

    If you would like more information about these products you can find it on our website: www.mineralenuitdezee.nl


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