Living Foods

The world’s population is growing, food and water are becoming ever scarcer and more expensive and quality is becoming ever more important. This means that the agriculture and food manufacture industries must modernise, innovate and become more sustainable. Living Foods is happy to help with this.
One of the greatest social challenges is to keep on providing the world’s growing population with safe and healthy food and water.

As an entrepreneur my experience all over the world has been that many food-related problems have a global character and require an integrated approach; innovation in agriculture and the food industry is a vital prerequisite for working together to meet this global challenge; collaboration between sectors provides a new perspective and I am 100% committed to this” says Timo ter Voort.

Latest news

  • From Waste 2 Value

  • Living Foods launches an ambitious project in collaboration with 6 other SME companies: Large-scale and functional valorization fish waste streams to valuable applications. Need more...

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